Martha Hughes was born in Co. Mayo and moved to Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan in 1973. It was there that Martha nurtured her abilities and creativity in the whole area of Needlecraft and in particular Carrickmacross Lace, an art that is well nigh world-famous in these times of global communication.

Martha has played a significant part in preserving the tradition of this special form of lace making while, at the same time, opening it up to new designs, effects and even colour. Here, tradition and modernity blend excitingly.

One of the hallmarks of Martha's lace is that it is done to perfection, with every aspect of the piece finished meticulously - the design, the appliqué work, the loops, the pops and the many intricacies involved in the production of a "masterpiece" of lace.

So, watch this space! Martha's gifted hands are set to provide exciting new revelations of art and crafted beauty, for the discerning eye, for many years to come